September, October, November and December 2023


The past four months of our project have passed so quickly, and we didn’t even have time to keep you updated!

The conclusion of the year has been a roller coaster of new experiences and emotions since we arrived here. Let’s start from the beginning of September, though, when we last updated you, and bring you up to speed since you’ve missed quite a lot.

After a summer of working independently, in September, we welcomed another volunteer, Dario! Hello! Additional staff members Roxane, Gabrielle, and Samantha, alongside Martina at the office, embarked on an intense week of restructuring and catching up on office operations. The pleasant weather during the initial weeks of the month, with its amazing sunshine and no sign of rain, made the process much smoother. Brussels gave us a warm welcome.

At the end of September, we had an exceptional visit. Some students from the BUSTA project came to spend an incredible week full of activities together. It was a fantastic experience! We cooked amazing vegan spaghetti, visited the parliament, and tried mussels and fries, which are the most significant signs of Brussels! 

In October, Sara and Mathilda were in the final stages of their projects, and as the deadline approached, the pressure mounted. However, both successfully completed their projects, giving us a reason to celebrate. We organized a fantastic party at the office with food, games, and music – it was truly memorable.

As the days grew shorter and the cold set in, adapting became more challenging, especially when leaving the office at night. Nevertheless, there are always new ways to stay motivated and lift spirits. By the end of November, we decided to plan a Christmas party to bid farewell to the year together, considering the difficulty of gathering everyone in December.

To conclude the year, we organized several dream circles. In addition to contemplating the new projects, we have a different circle than the project, and the communication team started a new project on the website in general. The ideas generated were exceptionally interesting, and the project distribution process commenced. 

We are confident that the new year will bring its own set of challenges, but it is certain to deliver incredible experiences.

See you in 2024!

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