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Become a QUEST member!

Are you committed to creating a positive impact through sustainable social transformation and regenerative education?
Are you interested in projects and opportunities across Europe offering possibilities to cooperate and put in practice cutting-edge pedagogies?  

Join QUEST network and be part of a community dedicated to advocate for change in education and in the promotion of lifelong learning!

Who can become a member?

No-profit organizations, networks, institutions, schools, universities, or any collective actor active in the field of education and lifelong learning is welcome to become a member!

How to become a member?

  1. Read QUEST statutes and values, available in our website.
  2. Complete the membership form including all your information.
  3. Send the membership form to, we will evaluate your application and let you know in short time.

Membership benefits

Membership is free, and it has to be renewed every year. As members you will:

  • Find out about projects and funding opportunities.
  • Connect, exchange best practices, experiences and lifelong learning.
  • Strengthen the capacity of your organization by cooperating at European level.
  • Receive information on new educational policy developments.
  • Contribute to promoting a more democratic, inclusive and regenerative education in Europe.

Membership duties

  • Members have to sign the membership form
  • Members are expected to comply with QUEST statutes and values.

Download QUEST membership form and send it to

“Let’s work together to promote a more democratic, inclusive and regenerative education in Europe!”

QUEST team