• Disseminating evidence-based information, training and methodologies to practitioners in Europe on cutting-edge pedagogies educational philosophies and methods in a lifelong learning perspective
  • Shaping new education views and cultures enabling supportive environments for children and youth’s personal development as well as collective growth
  • Informing and fostering policies supporting transformative education pedagogies and practices anchored on democratic, sustainable and inclusive principles

Creating a network of organisations active in Europe and beyond, committed to QUEST’s vision

  • Supporting knowledge sharing and learning within and beyond our network
  • Promoting knowledge, actions & best practices in Europe to shape a fair, sustainable and collaborative society
  • Creating a bridge between “alternative” innovative schools and more traditional education
  • Provide evidence-based solutions for practitioners and recommendations for policy-makers in education
  • Enable legitimacy and credibility of innovative pedagogies and practices at the EU-level through evidence-based research, projects and data collection
  • Bridge the gap between the academic sphere, civil society and decision makers