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who we are

QUEST stands for Quality Education in Europe for Sustainable Social Transformation. We are an independent, democratic and participatory European network aiming to bring together NGOs, institutions, schools and universities advocating for change in education and the promotion of lifelong learning.

Together with our members, we conduct research projects, conferences, trainings, workshops, and work to have an impact on EU policies.

We aim to serve as a multiplier of best practices, actions and research.

our mission

To connect educational organisations in order to promote a more democratic, inclusive  and sustainable education in Europe and beyond through research, policy and projects.

our vision

QUEST sees that the future of Europe relies on the capacity to build an educational system based on democratic, inclusive and sustainable principles.

QUEST works to allow education to evolve harmoniously with the rapid changes of our world and supports schools and other learning institutions to rely on innovative pedagogies. Therefore, QUEST’s vision aligns with the European Education Area strategic framework. We indeed believe that everyone should benefit from an education that guarantees personal, social and professional fulfilment, whilst promoting democratic values, equality, social cohesion, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and sustainable economic prosperity.

our strategy

Areas of work


Self-directed learning and shared decision-making


Inclusion and diversity in the learning environment


Outdoor learning and nature pedagogy

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QUEST Statutes

QUEST Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

QUEST Activities Report 2023