EU Policy & research

Our Vision

QUEST envisions an EU education landscape centred on children’s and youth rights. Schools would be at the service of social transformation, undertaking education with human-rights, social and environmental justice lenses, supporting the ones who need more care, and providing the development of the potential of everyone. Students would have a say and participate in matters affecting their own lives, benefitting from learner-centred learning pathways, prioritising their long-term well-being and skills acquisition. Children would make primary decisions about their learning experience, co-constructing the school context they grow in. Schools would be open, going beyond the classroom, taking place in a diversity of learning environments and in interaction with various social groups. Young people’s image as positive changemakers would lead them to collaborate on the research and identification of solutions to social and environmental problems. Teachers would embody a guidance role as “helper” rather than “instructor”, granting more autonomy to learners. This would renew connections between teachers and learners, and foster teachers’ overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Whom do we represent?

  • Children and young people’s voice on the European stage and beyond
  • Teachers and legal guardians seeking an empowering education for their children
  • A network of 60+ members spread within 17 EU countries and beyond working on cutting-edge education

Our Policy objectives

To reach this vision, the Policy & Research division leads different actions at the EU-level :

  • Promoting the well-being and rights of children, youth and educators relating to their education and future prospects
  • Contributing to the establishment of laws at national and European levels enhancing learners’ and educators’ rights
  • Denunciating human rights breaches linked to the broader education of children, youth and lifelong learning of teachers
  • Raising awareness over children and youth’s right to self-determination, to learning in a safe and healthy environment, to build their futures and participate in society.

Our means of action

We pursue these objectives through: 

  • Evidence-based research on young people’s participation in the EU, their overall well-being and learning pathways, but also on teachers’ well-being and needs.
  • Analysis of EU and national law on education, children’s rights and participation
  • Policy monitoring & feedback on EU legislative initiatives to be encouraged
  • Dialogue with decision-makers to promote young people’s participation in decision-making processes as well as healthy participative education pathways
  • Dissemination of education good practices at the EU level, to promote their transversal adoption across countries.

Our Advocacy approach

  • A Human-rights approach
  • Based on International Law
  • No political descent 
  • An advocacy informed by its members’ priorities and expertise

For more information, please reach out to :
Our Policy Officer Gabrielle Franck: [email protected]
Our Policy Assistant Mathilda Diaz: [email protected]

our position papers

Position Paper on Open Schooling

Opening schools: Embracing learner’s and society’s mutual imprint

Position Paper on Outdoor Education

Learning beyond walls : The imperative for recognising outdoor practices in the curriculum

our statements