our history

The NGO was founded in 2017 with the objective of bringing  innovative and transformative alternatives to the educational landscape in Brussels – achieved through both research and practical implementation. 

Early on, the organisation set up different educational activities such as outdoor learning days and the Brussels Outdoor School (BOS), a multilingual democratic school set in Brussels aimed at reconnecting children with nature in its broadest sense and creating educational programmes where every child is respected as a competent, unique person, encouraged to follow their own curiosity and passions.

With time, we started dedicating more resources to research in education, in order to broaden the scientific basis to the pedagogical practices it supported, and to advocate for durable changes in educational policies.

In parallel, we sought to connect with other European organisations with a common vision, and to have the EU as an interlocutor to promote innovation projects in education and foster change at the national level. 

In 2022, QUEST formally constituted itself as an European Network, in order to officialise the wide and rich relations established, and to serve as a multiplier of best practices, actions and researches. Today, QUEST represents 66 members, connecting them, supporting their activities, and advocating for their recognition, towards democratic, inclusive, and sustainable education

Working at the office