Brussels Outdoor School student is hosting at her home Aika, a therapy dog in training, within the framework of the BUSTA project

Posted on 05/07/2022

Dear all, 

BOS is closing for the summer holidays but BUSTA activities are continuing! After several visits to the school with her current host family members, Aika the Dyadis therapy dog in training will now be hosted and trained by a BOS student at her home for 2 full weeks in July. She and her family have received many instructions in order to be able to ensure continuity in the dogs training process. This student was previously afraid of dogs. Meeting Aika has given her the motivation to overcome this fear. During these 2 weeks, she has the challenge of caring for, training and teaching new skills to the dog, as well as having several visits from her fellow classmates to share progress with them, and to share in the training activities. The process will be documented, and the kids themselves can at any moment take over the documentation process (mainly filming) if they desire to do so. The documentation process, as well as an impact report will focus on revealing any skill development in the child that might emerge from being an active contributor in the dogs training process.

Official number of the project: 2021-1-LT01-KA220-SCH-000034363 ‘This project is funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects only the personal views of its author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein.’