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Posted on 10/09/2022

Dear all, 

In this post we would like to share a wonderful chance encounter that brought together 2 actors that normally do not have access to each other during the framework of Dyadis’s work: a host family member who had trained for 18 months a dog for Dyadis, and the dog’s beneficiary, a 16 year old autistic boy and his mother. Normally the contacts are not shared, but a chance encounter on facebook brought the 2 families to connect and start a wonderful correspondence between the two parties. This correspondence has been recorded and published as a book, by Dyadis and we would like to encourage all of our students and readers to dive into this heartwarming story that sheds awareness at how much this work can fundamentally change the lives of people benefiting from Therapy dogs. “ITCH, un chien pas comme les autres”, written by Carla Dejonghe.

A second resource we would like to share is a docu-series called “Pick of the Litter” currently available on DisneyPlus. With Dyadis, we are learning specifically about motor disabilities and autism needs. The training depicted in this docu-series focuses on therapy dogs trained to assist blind people, which is a more intensive process with specific requirements and strict selection. This docu-series is a unique way to gain awareness of the full scope of such therapy assistance and the implications for all those involved.

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