QUEST and BUSTA students and partners screen each a 2 min preview video of their therapy animal training activities at the 2022 Klaipeda Festival about disability awareness.

The Festival “I’m indifferent and you?” organised by Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipėda University was held on the 2nd of December 2022. More than 2,000 children from approx. 100 schools and kindergartens from all over Lithuania took part in the event. The event coincides with International Day of Persons with Disabilities, so the host of the event emphasised the importance of people with disabilities, the awareness and understanding of the people towards the disabled. 

All partners from the BUSTA project prepared and screened a 2 min preview video of the activities conducted by the students in each country participating in the project. See our Resource / Video page to access all the videos.

In the special laboratories installed in the premises of Klaipėda University, the students tested how it is possible to move with the help of crutches or a wheelchair, got acquainted with the world of people with hearing and visual disabilities – tried to write and read Braille, tried other various activities that are applied to people with physical or mental disabilities. During the live broadcast, children also watched discussions and interviews on the topic of disability, engaged in hands-on activities with various characters and dolphins.

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