Visiting a Dyadis dressage session, within the framework of the BUSTA project

Posted on 22/08/2022

Dear all, 

Dyadis is an associate partner of the BUSTA project and we were able to witness one of their “dressage sessions” in order to teach host families how to better train the therapy dogs in their care during the first 18 months of their training process. These dressage classes are done in busy public areas such as malls, markets, etc. This specific class was to introduce the dogs to feeling at ease when working in conjunction with a wheelchair. It was very interesting to witness the specificities of such a situation but also to see many different dogs trained by the association, their ages, their personalities and how the training needs to be specific for each dog. It was also very interesting to meet all kinds of different host family members, all united in this altruistic and time consuming dedication to training a therapy dog in order to benefit the life of a fellow human. We discussed the possibility of organising filmed interviews of people involved.

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