BUSTA’s 6th and final newsletter!

The BUSTA project is unfortunately coming to an end soon however the results and the work accomplished by its partners will continue to be of benefit for many more years to come ! In this newsletter you can read more about what comes after BUSTA, the multiplier event in Bulgaria as well as the final […]

BUSTA Impact Report and summaries in 5 languages!

The BUSTA impact report is now available on our website with a summary in five languages! The BUSTA project has been competed. All activities have been carried out in 3 countries, all learning exchange trips, all 3 project results have been finalized (the documentary, the impact report and the guidelines) and can be accessed through […]

The BUSTA guidelines are now available on our website

The BUSTA guidelines are now available on our website. This is where you will find the information you need, if you are a school,  an animal therapy organisation or a disability organisation, in order to reproduce these important skill development activities through training therapy animals. The BUSTA project is nearing completion. All activities have been carried out […]

The 5th BUSTA Newsletter is out!

Altogether let’s Build Skills through Training therapy Animals! The BUSTA project has been all around the world these past few months. From Lithuania to Nepal we will find out more about the festival “I am indifferent, what about You?” as well as the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC). In plus, the partners have been busy […]

Unveiling Ripple effect of the BUSTA project : Exploring the Continued Journey beyond Europe

While not directly tied to the Busta project, QUEST, actively participated in the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) held in Kathmandu, Nepal, in October 2023. During the event, QUEST organized a session focused on inclusion, encouraging children to actively contribute to fostering inclusive practices As an illustrative example of their past initiatives and to initiate […]

QUEST releases video about hosting the BUSTA partners in Brussels

The European Sustainability Competence Framework – GreenComp – defines what sustainability is as a competence and how it can be developed through the educational system. The GreenComp places particular attention to the interconnected character of the 12 competence and to the need to embed sustainability skills through the lifelong learning process of an individual. The […]

QUEST hosts BUSTA partners to learn more about inclusion

Demonstrating of skills of guide dog at DYADIS centre

We launched the BUSTA project with our partners two years ago, and are delighted to see the positive feedback and influence on the participants of the project. It has been inspiring to discover how the inclusive practice of animal-assisted therapy can take shape through different innovative initiatives across Europe! During these last  two years of […]

QUEST and CDE screened the documentary about the BUSTA project

The documentary about the project BUSTA was screened at the EUDEC 2023 conference, allowing us to jointly discuss the experience of students building soft skills through participation in training with therapy with dogs, horses, and dolphins in three different countries in Europe. The Democratic Education community organized a photography exhibition about the students experiences during […]