After an eventful few weeks, we are back with plenty to report! 

June started with the famous on-arrival training organised by our national agency (JINT). We spent a week in a beautiful venue one hour south of Brussels, together with other 30 ESC volunteers working all around Belgium. Various activities were set up with the objective to help us better understand our roles, responsibilities, opportunities, and rights. It was an intense social stay! But we met some really special people, and we are grateful both for having been able to take a break from our working and living environment, and for getting to return to it!

Back at work, we started a new phase in parallel with our respective tasks : project writing! After having the chance to see QUEST’s impressive list of project ideas, this month we got to decide which ones we were going to choose to apply for fundings in October. Each project was subject to an exciting method – the dream circle – where everyone can express their views with the aim of enriching the original idea. 

Writing is going to be a difficult but stimulating stage. We will be learning how to manage projects and look for partners, as well as about a diversity of subjects in the field of education – from decolonizing the history curriculums, to the teaching of sexuality and emotions, to eco-anxiety in children and teenagers.

We’ll probably be able to tell you more about it at the end of the summer!