Webinar: Nature as a learning space 

Wednesday 6th of December 16:30 – 17:30 PM

In this webinar, we sit together with Matteo Sturlese, teacher in the libertarian school in nature Albero della Tuscia, to talk about children’s learning in nature.  We will draw from his practical experience as well as his theoretical studies, to ask him questions about  nature pedagogy. What does a day in a nature school look like? What is the benefit he sees for children? What are the difficulties? What to suggest to a teacher that wants to start bringing children in nature?


Nature is a great teacher. In nature pedagogy children learn through play and experience, developing love and respect for the natural environment while observing natural processes. Learning happens through all of their senses: they see, hear, feel, smell and touch the world around them. It can be an enriching setting to learn and connect to the environment and the world they live in. This learning happens freely and most of the time derives from the inner motivation, as the setting fosters curiosity and creativity. Teachers play a key role in setting boundaries, encouraging this process and moving the learners out of their comfort zone.


Many studies have shown that spending time in nature is beneficial for children’s development, learning and wellbeing. On a personal level children may experience mental and physical health benefits, better concentration, memory, language skills and creativity. Moreover, spending time in nature helps with social interactions, and is beneficial for social cohesion and integration (for more info see the Democratic Education in Nature research report). Despite these benefits, outdoor education remains a marginalized practice.


Join us, on Wednesday the 6th December 2023 from 4.30pm-5.30pm to explore this pedagogical framework in our conversation with Matteo Sturlese.


The event will be livestreamed on Facebook.

Webinar nature pedagogy

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