What is The Green Competences Framework?


The European Sustainability Competence Framework – GreenComp – defines what sustainability is as a competence and how it can be developed through the educational system. The GreenComp places particular attention to the interconnected character of the 12 competence and to the need to embed sustainability skills through the lifelong learning process of an individual. The […]

Teachers shortages and demotivation : a reality we must transform

Empty classroom

44 million. This is, globally, the number of teachers we are nowadays lacking to meet universal primary and secondary education by 2030. An objective we have set ourselves to achieve through the sustainable development goals framework, and more specifically with SDG 4 on quality education. At the regional level, Europe and North America arrive third on the […]

The European Education Area : Where is education heading in the EU?

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Halfway towards the end of the European Education Area (EEA),  policymakers, educators, and stakeholders from across the European Union gathered, on October 10, to assess the accomplishments, limits, and next steps to be taken to fulfill the objectives set for 2025. These results were also explained within QUEST’s expert panel discussion dedicated to the EEA.   The […]

“Nothing about us without us”: Youth demanding meaningful participation at the UN

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On the 15th and 16th of September, NGOs, decision-makers and civil society representatives met to prepare the Sustainable Development Goals Summit (SDG Summit). An opportunity to discuss the progress made, the limits encountered and the next steps towards a more peaceful, fair and sustainable society in 2030.    Voicing is not enough : asking for […]

The State of the Union 2023: EU priorities and omissions

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The State of the Union, delivered by the European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen on the 13th of September, was the occasion to come back on the European Commission’s successes and next priorities for 2024, 9 months preceding the EU elections of the 6-9th of June 2024, and therefore the end of this Commission’s […]